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Allowance for Adult Children?

I found an article that has been floating around the twittersphere today which says that 1 in 5 young adults between the ages of 18-34 receives some kind of a regular allowance from their parents or … Read Full Article

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Mother's day finance

4 things my mom taught me about money and life

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I wanted to take some time and show my appreciation for one of the greatest influences in my life, my mom. I come from a large family, I am one of eight children. I have been blessed to have been born into a loving home and to a wonderful mother. […]

lds finance

12 signs your finances need service soon

Do you wish your personal financial life had a check engine light? Wouldn’t it be nice if when things weren’t going right in your financial life that something would light up on your dashboard and tell you that you needed to get it fixed? While there is no literal warning light for when you are in financial distress, there are warning […]


7 common money mistakes

I’ve made my fair share of money mistakes. I’ve done some pretty stupid things with money in my lifetime. At one point I had over $50,000 of debt. Those are some expensive mistakes. So while I’m an expert at making mistakes with my money, I feel like I’m becoming a pretty decent expert at paying for […]

6 ways to be a better financial steward

We are accountable as stewards over earthly blessings, which the Lord has provided.¹ -Quentin L. Cook I believe that God wants us to prosper. He wants us to be successful in our careers, in our relationships, and in our families. I believe He wants us to live free from worry and become financially independent– to achieve […]


Top 5 Talks on Debt from LDS General Conference

Being that it’s general conference weekend, I decided that I would post some of my favorite general conference talks on debt and personal finance. For those who are not Mormon, general conference is a semiannual gathering of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Church members and others gather all around the world to […]